Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Chicken rice + soup

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Click on the image to see the original size (1028x768).

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Hello :)

I am posting this recipe a little early, because I just made this dish tonight, for dinner!
Oh, I forgot to take a photo, I was too hungry.

This dish is amazing because you use the chicken to make the soup, and use the same chicken to make fried rice. Fried rice + soup is a popular combination in Japanese restaurants.

If you like eggs, you can make a scrambled egg, or make a thin egg pancake - and cut it in strings, and decorate the rice.

I am adding vodka because SAKE is expensive in London, but using Japanese sake or shochu will make this dish even better. My mum taught me that vodka is the best substitute for sake in cooking. If you don't have vodka, use white wine.




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  1. I am missing your weekly posts and am so hoping you haven't abandoned this sweet blog. Hope you are well!


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